TALA'VISION | Short Film

Trapped in a war-torn reality, 8-year-old Tala finds solace and freedom in a forbidden television. But the secret TV becomes a matter of life and death. Thousands of children are trapped in destroyed homes in Syria. The greatest sacrifice they have to make in captivity is their childhood.

Tala'vision was well received and successful at its world premiere at the Max Ophuls Film Festival on 23 January 2021, where it won the Jury Prize and the Audience Award. At the 2021 Student Academy Awards, the film won the Academy Award Gold and was also nominated for the Academy Awards. The film continues to tour successfully at film festivals worldwide and is enjoying a flurry of film awards. 


Murad Abu Eisheh
E. Busch | J. Kawwa | P. Maurice Raube | G. Waldvogel
Philip Henze
Executive Producer
Mcqueen Film & TV | T. Schadt | A. Alasaad | K. Hadda
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Touring Worldwide Festivals

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