We are thrilled to welcome three new directors to our roster from both Mcqueen & Merman!


As a child, Johannes lent his voice to a character in 'Finding Nemo'. And his heart hasn't left the comedian's path since. When Johannes enters a room, he always takes it over with his positive energy. Now he is an aspiring comedy director & writer with an extremely good hand and a fine sense of timing. Our first project together for IWC Watches won an ADC award. He is currently also the writer and director of the hit Swiss series "Tschugger". Johannes lives in Zurich as a freelance film director and screenwriter. WATCH REEL




Matthieu Mantovani took his first steps behind the camera as an assistant to the legendary fashion photographer Paolo Roversi. He then worked as a director for the first time from1999 as a member of the successful French collective The Zoo. His sensitive style made him a master of storytelling and above all of building suspense like in a crime film - without neglecting the comic moments that life provides you with. Matthieu lives in Paris, has an affinity for AI generated imagery and is currently developing and writing two feature films. WATCH REEL




Kevin Thomas began his career as a creative director in the agency world before turning to directing. A grand master of mischievous and playful comedy, wonderfully clear visuals, artistic direction and spot-on casting, Kevin manages to capture the imagination of his audiences. He was named one of the 10 best directors of the decade by Shots magazine. During his time at Lockdown, when many of us were learning trombone or dreaming of sourdough, Thomas became known for a series of portrait paintings that required each of his subjects to hold something meaningful to him. He associated this with hope and optimism for the future. WATCH REEL

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